The Hangover

"Oh God... where is the ibuprofen?" This is a thought we have all immediately woken up with at least once, assuming you drink of course... otherwise, why are you reading this?College teaches you many things about life. One of these things happens to be how to deal with every type of hangover you could possibly … Continue reading The Hangover


College: What It’s REALLY Like

Person A: "Let's hang." Person B: "I can't I'm broke." Person C: "Wanna get lunch?" Person B: "Sure, why not?" Person A: "Should I go to class?" Person B: "No, let's all go get lunch." This is college. Constantly choosing between wanting to go out, do things with your friends, try to budget for your … Continue reading College: What It’s REALLY Like

6 Things For Your Raleigh TO-DO List

Raleigh, NC is a pretty amazing city during any season. And I'm not just saying that because I've lived there for 20 years. After spending my childhood, teens, and the beginnings of adulthood in Raleigh there are a few suggestions I can confidently make to visitors. 1. Art Raleigh is all about the art. There … Continue reading 6 Things For Your Raleigh TO-DO List