College: What It’s REALLY Like

Person A: “Let’s hang.”

Person B: “I can’t I’m broke.”

Person C: “Wanna get lunch?”

Person B: “Sure, why not?”

Person A: “Should I go to class?”

Person B: “No, let’s all go get lunch.”

This is college. Constantly choosing between wanting to go out, do things with your friends, try to budget for your irrational spending habits, and that everlasting epic battle between classes that don’t take attendance and whether you should actually attend.

Every day you wake up with a list of new crap you have to get done and most of us don’t end up doing it. Sure, if it’s due at midnight we will get it done by 11:57pm for credit but the second you think you want to get a little bit ahead on homework or studying… some higher power intervenes with a new Netflix series, frat party/event, or a ‘quick’ nap that you wake up from 13 hours later.

Freshman year is all about learning how to cram for a test the day before and taking 18 credit hours because you, ‘think you can handle it’. And maybe you can, some people stay on top of their crap year around and I envy them. I started freshman year a little anxious but mostly excited for ‘the college experience’. Only to find out what that really meant- no sleep, too much alcohol, and a constant uphill battle for good grades. Now don’t misunderstand, I finished my freshman year with a 4.0 but it took more than a little bit of work. First semester was easy enough, taking basic Health 1000 and Kinesiology 1000 but struggling through the pacer test (I WILL NEVER understand why that’s a mandatory part of the curriculum). The biggest struggle is just making friends (unless you rushed a sorority/fraternity- which I did not) and not getting lost/being late to your classes. But once second semester hits, just when you’ve found your grove and routine, it forces you to change it. Your life is a blur of different classes, more credit hours, more clubs/activities, more parties, and all you can think is thank GOD football season is over because you would never have had time for that. Oh- and if you have a job during all of this… bless you because, at least where I went to school, your car won’t really be in arm’s reach.

Now it’s sophomore year. You get it- the whole college thing. You know your way around campus and you probably have an apartment with some of your new friends- or old- or none of the above, whatever works. But this comes with new problems. Pets? Bills? Your roommate won’t share the fridge? Plus you probably drive to campus everyday because God forbid you have to take the bus and miss it. You’ll start partying more- because now you know all of the good spots, where everyone goes and doesn’t. You likely have a friend group or found your niche after attending the 32 club fairs and 106 events on campus last year. But sophomore year was when I really started missing classes, so long as they didn’t take attendance. Always go to the classes taking attendance- if not then you should just drop out while you’re ahead. But oh great…now that you need to commute to campus… you find yourself getting talked out of going to that 8am your adviser made you take, and instead sleep in for another hour or 6, but it’s fine. Hang in there, you’re almost half way done.

Junior year. Well this is where I am now and both myself and my friends miss more classes (again- only if attendance isn’t an “expectation”) than before. It’s because you start getting the hang of it- the whole college thing. You get used to no sleep, going out all the time, and cramming the day before an exam while still rocking A’s and B’s. Maybe the occasional C. You seem to be in maximum effort mode when it doesn’t really matter- like starting and keeping up with a blog that won’t help you study for that final tomorrow. Money isn’t really something you can afford anymore. The pressure of ‘life after graduation’ starts to clog your pores. For some people junior year is when you somehow get more involved in the extracurriculars but for others, it’s the opposite. Maybe you even somehow found time for a job around that 17 or 18 credit hour schedule. Good luck with that.

Senior year. For me this is next semester since I took summer classes to get ahead and am graduating early (next fall- yippee). All you see is the finish line- but WAIT your adviser forgot about that 2 credit hour elective you needed- oh shit. It’s literally their job how do they mess it u- it doesn’t matter. Just give me that extra semester or approve my 19 credit hours you unorganized slob. #nevergraduate

Then it’s finally time…and you can’t freaking wait to be done with college… only to realize you have to start grad school next fall, but don’t worry…it’ll be fine.



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